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Dahi Vada Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Home Dahi Vada Recipe

How to do Dahi Vada
 First you need to soak urad vada (it is called English black lentils) for at least 4 hours. I want to soak overnight to soften.
 In case of drowning in uradoba, the water is drained from the bowl. Pour the lentils into a blender and grind them into the batter. When grinding lentils, keep the lid closed in a blender. This adds a nice air pocket when baking to help make the dough softer.
 If the dough is too thick, add a little water and mix again. Add no more than half a cup of water to avoid adding. The dough is very thick.
 When the dough thickens, transfer it to a large bowl. Add the fennel seeds and salt and mix for 5-6 minutes using a hand mixer or manually as needed.
 Then the Paniya Lamb / Apepotto / Chic Pot off will be on high heat. Put a small amount of oil in each hole of the pan and over medium to low heat to low heat.
 The pipe dough folds the sealable bag into the cup so that the sealed edge is against the bottom of the cup and is facing down. Put the next dough in the bag, close the bag and cut off the bottom corner. When diving, gently squeeze a sufficient amount of paste and meet it.
 After filling each cavity, set the heat to medium to high. The baking dough swells. If it swells, flip it with a wooden stick. Cook for a few more minutes until the bottom is golden.
How to assemble DahiVada

When the dough is fried and cooked, remove it from the heat. When you add hot water and salt to a small bowl, let stand for 1 minute. Put the fries in a bowl of brine and let soak for 5 minutes. Take out, squeeze lightly to remove the water. Light fried bread sticks are on the plate.

When the fabric stick is submerged, season the yogurt sauce. In a small bowl, whisk together yogurt, sugar and salt. Place the vada on the plate, then pour the yogurt over it.

The best taste of hot and fresh fried bread.

Home Dahi Vada Recipe


For the garnish, roasted cumin powder and chili powder are sprinkled on top. Then the tamarind chutney (sweet and sour) and the green chutney (spicy) are placed on top.